Peer Next Charcoal Filters (Pack of 56 Filters)

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Peer Next Active Carbon Filters | 6mm | Pack of 56


    • 56 activated Coconut carbon/charcoal smoking filter tips
    • Extra slim, 6mm diameter (most preferred size)
    • Eco-friendly and biodegradable filters
    • 4 unique colours only for variety in appearance with no added taste
    • 2 side heat resistant ceramic caps
    • No change in flavour or effect
    • No carbon dust or clogging
    • Bio-degradable
    • Export quality

Buy top quality activated charcoal filters in India from PEER Next. This product contains one-pack of 56 PEER Next activated charcoal smoking filters, which help in reducing tar and in making the drags smoother while balancing the heat via its 2 ceramic caps on either sides of the filter. The filters come in four colours. Each colour does not imply any addition of flavour/taste, but simply adds to the variety in appearance. The 6mm extra slim size is ideal for all kinds of roll ups. The filters are a widely used harm reduction tool especially in Europe and are now gaining acceptance worldwide including in India.

PEER Next uses Coconut shell based active carbon sourced from a well reputed company based out of UK since 1965. The packaging comes with an ‘original seal’ which ensures authentic and untampered filters to consumers. PEER Next is owned by a parent company which is a pioneer in the harm reduction space in India and abroad since 2016. With active carbon smoking filters by PEER Next, experience the smoothest drags without any flavour change. Once you switch, you will never turn back!