Chillum-A Historical Smoking Pipe

Chillum-A Historical Smoking Pipe

What Is Chillum?

chillum, or chilam, is a straight conical smoking pipe traditionally made of clay, first used in India in the eighteenth century.A small stone is often used as a stopper in the stem. The style of pipe spread quickly to Africa, and is known in the Americas since the 1960s.

History Of Chillum

Chillum has been around for a very long time and people used chillums for smoking tobacco or hashish. It was usually made with neutral materials like mud or wood.

If you to try tracing the history, it is seen that people of India and Nepal were using chillum since long time back. These pipes were the tool which was commonly used by Sadhus and other Hindu holy men.

These holy men smoked during various rituals and prayers in the form of offering and to get spiritual connection with Lord Shiva.



The use of a chillum creates a very distinct experience. Its shape and size allow for the rapid cooling of smoke, as well as allow for a large quantity of smoke to accumulate. This results in an extremely smooth experience, and a much harder hitting high than if a conventional pipe were used. Also, the larger the chillum, the greater its effects on the smoke.

How To Smoke Chillum? 

Usually you will need about 0.5-1.5g of hashish, and enough tobacco to fill one normal chillum hash is what is traditionally used in chillum.

You need to crumble up the hash into small balls, then add in the tobacco and mix it all together with your hand. You can also heat up the hashish and crumble it with tobacco to make small balls.

Add the Chillum Filter  in the chillum before adding the final mix into the bowl of chillum, make sure to pack it tight.

Since a chillum is essentially a pipe full of weed, never hold it completely vertical. Always hold it at an angle between hands by making a cusp.There are a lot of variations to this hold, so practice it a couple of times to see what works best for you, but a two-handed hold is recommended. f you’re a first-time smoker of a Chillum pipe, try wrapping a wet, porous cloth around the bottom end of the pipe. This will cool the Chillum pipe which can get too hot to handle once the stuff is lit.

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