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Provides a constant, controlled dose of CBD for 36 hours. No need to track dosage times or re-apply topicals. Perfect for workouts and daytime activities where a discreet continuous dosage is needed.

Safe, Controlled Dosing

The CitrusCBD Patch is designed to give you a constant, controlled dose of CBD into the bloodstream every hour. If you do not like the effects or sensations from the patch simply remove it and delivery will dissipate within 45-60 minutes.

Sweat and Water resistant 

Go about your day as if the patch wasn’t even there. Activities such as showering, working out, or swimming will not impact the patch.


Our time-release formula allows for you to use a patch over a 36hr time period. You do not need to remember to dose with CBD regularly. Just put the patch on and go.

Contains: 1 Transdermal Patch, 2 Alcohol prep pads

Net Weight: 1.2 grams

Activation time: 60 Minutes