Gizeh Bio Hemp Active Charcoal Filters (6mm)

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GIZEH Bio Hemp & Gras is the new line of the popular Gizeh brand, which places particular emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The Gizeh Hemp Active Filters are specially developed for king-size enjoyment. The cleaned activated carbon inside the filters is made from coconut shells and ensures a balanced taste experience while reducing the pollutant load on the respiratory tract. Furthermore, the activated carbon filter and the handy packaging are made of natural hemp filter paper. This makes them particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly, as processing requires significantly less energy and water. Therefore this natural product has a special feel, color and surface finish.

  • 6 mm ⌀
  • 27 mm length
  • Ceramic caps on both sides
  • 10 filters per package
  • Made in Germany