Juicy Jay-Birthday Cake Flavoured Paper King Size

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Juicy Jay’s Birthday Cake King Size

What’s better than birthday cake on your birthday? How about a big fat spliff rolled in deee-licious birthday cake-flavored rolling papers from Juicy Jay’s?!

Colorful packaging with a big red bow on the front also serves as a birthday card, with the message “Rolling into another nice and tasty year!” and space to write in who it’s “To” and “From”. The top flap is even perforated for use as filter tips! The rolling papers are printed with slices of frosted birthday cake, and the smell and taste are irresistible! Each king size leaf is 110mm by 44mm, and packed laying flat and unfolded — crease-less for smoother burning.

Unlike many other flavored rolling papers, only Juicy Jay’s are made with their famous “triple-dipped” flavoring system that not only flavors the paper but sweetens it. The natural flavors of your smoke are enhanced, leaving a mouth-watering tastiness on your lips! Only soy-based ink and natural sugar gum are used to make Juicy Jay’s rolling papers. One pack contains 40 papers.