Mini Joint Bubbler

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This piece will transform the way you enjoy hand-rolled papers forever. The Martian Bubbler is a super compact bong for use with papers and wraps; simply fit your papers into it an enjoy smooth, water-cooled hits! 

We’ve seen a huge amount of demand for the Martian Bubbler for wraps, and with good reason. It will change the way you smoke wraps and papers forever. It uses an innovative waterpipe-inspired design to cool your hits and allow you to enjoy your wraps as with the same smooth ease of a bong hit.


The Martian Bubbler is an innovative product that takes the basic concept of a bong or glass bubbler and applies it to a compact piece of glass meant to work with your wraps. The Martian is only a few cm tall, and features a stable glass base that will keep it from tipping over when not in use.