Raw Flat Pack Storage Pouch

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Store your stuff! Discrete, smell-proof, water-proof black pouch with flexible roll enclosure folds flat. It’s RAWdaciously non-descript.

The RAW X Ryot Smellproof Flat Pack is the ideal storage solution for all your smelly smoking goodies.

  • RAWthentic - Discrete RAW Branding on the Exterior Designed to Keep your Stash Dry and Odorless
  • Smell Proof - 100% Odor Proof and Water Proof Bag for your Smoking Goodies
  • Functional - Removable Smell Safe Carbon-Lined Bag with a Lockable Design
  • Small - Means Simple Loading and Management

RAW Flat Pack: 1.1” x 6.3” x 3.5”