Saverette Weed Leaf Joint Holder

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Elegant and Functional Holder Inspired By Nature

Saverette is the world’s first joint holder with a single weed leaf design. This kingsize single weed leaf joint holder is a simple yet highly effective product for keeping the user’s joints in place and is the perfect tool for any weed lover!

The unique design of the Saverette – Kingsize single weed leaf joint holders 110mm allows your customers to enjoy their favourite joint experience anywhere they go without having to worry about the mess left behind by ash and roaches. Now, they can take a hit without their joint falling apart, which is especially important if they have a tight grip or are unable to hold it in place themselves. It also keeps the weed in place so that they don’t have to worry about losing any when passing it to someone else.

The design is inspired by nature and it represents the leaves of a marijuana plant. It is simple but elegant and will compliment any smoking collection.