Smoking Slim Carbon Filters-120pcs

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Keep your hand rolled smokes slim with these new Smoking Classic Slim Carbon Filters in a bag of 120 cigarette filters. These slim filters from Smoking brand papers come with a bonus bit of activated charcoal in every filter for higher filtering and a smoother taste. All in a handy resealable bag.

Smoking Classic Slim Carbon Filters are sized 15mm in length and 6mm in diameter, suitable for slimmer roll-ups. The addition of activated carbon inside each filter is a perfect complement to a fine Smoking Master Rolling Paper; enjoy minimal paper in your even tastier smoke.

Smoking Classic Slim Carbon Filters:
Re-Sealable Bag
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 15mm
120 Activated Carbon cigarette filter tips/bag

Roll your own, choose nothing but the best for papers, filler and filters and you'll save a ton of money over commercial packs!