Paq Case Trio

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India, Say hello to the PAQCASE

  • Revolutionary patented Design 
  • Child Lock
  • Gasket Seal to keep out water and dirt
  • Can load up 3 Pre Rolled 
  • 1.75 Inches X 4.5 Inches
  • Crush Proof
  • Won't alert Metal detectors


PAQcase’s sustainability focused eco-blend allows for faster degradation of surface plastic but also interior plastic as well. 

To get scientific, once set into composting conditions, our blend allows microbes to consume the C-C bonds within our plastics at a molecular level. In turn, this allows more microbe growth, and the more microbes, the higher volume of plastic-consuming acid they produce, which inevitably results in a faster plastic degradation cycle. 

Additionally, PAQcase is in research and development producing an FDA certified blend that has same degradation properties of our eco-blend, but is made with an ocean-cleaning reclaimed ocean plastic base. Every case results in less plastic in the world’s oceans.