Space Smoke Hype Jump Flavour Hookah Paste

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Space Smoke Hype Jump(Energy Drink) Hookah Paste 30g

Space Smoke is a unique mineral-based tobacco-free hookah mix that is the best selling hookah paste in Russia. 

Enjoy up to 2 hours of smoking (with 15g of flavour)

Produces thick clouds.

Hygienic & convenient tube packaging taking 15 seconds to prepare the bowl.

You can 'pause' your smoking and come back later to resume with fresh charcoal.

Can be used by itself or mixed directly with other shisha flavours.

30g Can make 2-3 bowls

Space Smoke must be used with a phunnel style bowl as it is liquid in form, we would also highly recommend that you use this with a heat management device such as a Kaloud or similar.

How to Use:

Shake the tube thoroughly

Pour 10g-15g of flavour directly into the phunnel bowl making sure there is 2-3mm gap at the top

Add foil or your chosen heat management device

Light up 4 charcoal pieces and place on top

Allow 10-15 minutes for the flavours to heat up

Enjoy your smoke