Tobox 2.0- All in one Tobox

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Introducing Tobox 2.0, the compact and comprehensive all-in-one rolling kit for the modern roller. With a Tube, Grinder, Tray, Pin, Magnetic Lighter Holder, Rolling Papers, Rolling Surface, and Carton Filters all in one sleek design, Tobox 2.0 is the ultimate rolling companion. Take your rolling game to the next level with Tobox 2.0's precision and efficiency.

Meet Tobox 2.0, the smart and complete all-in-one rolling kit that's every modern roller's dream come true. Crafted with precision and designed for efficiency, Tobox 2.0 is available in five chic smoky colors, adding a touch of sophistication to your rolling experience.

Within this compact powerhouse, discover a meticulously curated collection of must-haves and patented accessories to meet all your rolling needs. Tobox 2.0 includes a Tube for secure storage, a Grinder for the perfect consistency, a Tray for organized rolling, a Pin for effortless doob adjustments, and now, a Magnetic Lighter Holder for easy access. But that's not all – it also comes complete with King Size Rolling Papers for a seamless roll, and a Rolling Surface & Carton Filters for an elevated smoking experience.

Don't miss the next level of rolling – Tobox 2.0 is the future of rolling kits, available now in our shop in irresistible colors. Grab yours today and experience the revolution in rolling technology!